The Ultimate Eye Examination

APCOS - Acute Primary Care Ophthalmology Service

Patients may be referred by their GP, optician or can self-refer to the APCOS service. APCOS is a free NHS service available to all patients registered with a West Kent GP. The service provides patients experiencing recently occurring medical eye conditions with appropriate treatment closer to home.

The service is provided by local specialist independent prescribing optometrists and a GP with the specialist knowledge and skills to carry out this work locally.

The APCOS service is designed for recently occurring symptoms relating to your eyes or vision:

  • Sudden and recent reduction in vision in one or both eyes
  • Red-eye(s) or eyelids
  • Pain and/or discomfort in the eyes
  • Recent onset or sudden increase in flashes and/or floaters in one of both eyes
  • Mild trauma, for example a scratch to the outer surface of the eye or eyelid
  • Suspected foreign body in the eye
  • Recent onset of double vision
  • Significant recent discharge from or watering of the eye.

MECS -Minor Eye Conditions Service

An NHS funded service for all that are registered with a GP within Ashford, Canterbury & Coastal, Dartford, Gravesham & Swanley, Medway, Swale and Thanet. If you have a sudden concern with the health of your eyes or if your GP advises you to attend – you may be entitled to an appointment with a specifically accredited optometrist. These community-based practices offer ease of access to highly trained health professionals with specialised equipment, with the aim of helping to manage your eye complaint. 

The North Kent Community Ophthalmology Service provides NHS Ophthalmology services to patients in the community rather than in major hospitals. Our clinics are usually based out of community optometry practices and are run by highly qualified and skilled Optometrists alongside our experienced operational and administrative teams. All clinics are supported by the latest high-technology systems and equipment.

COT - Community Ophthalmology Team

Optometrists with Special Interest in Ophthalmology (OPwSI) by West Kent CCG. This role involves examining and treating patients who have been referred by the hospital, GPs, or local opticians for a range of chronic conditions such as glaucoma and dry eye.

CGN - Community Glaucoma Network

Operational in East Kent. … The Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in East Kent have indicated that patients with IOP between 24 and 30 should be referred via the existing IOP referral refinement pathway.