The Ultimate Eye Examination

Regular eye exams do more than establish your prescription for glasses or contact lenses. Your eyes are an indicator of your overall health, so an optometrist is often the first person to identify chronic conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes and high blood pressure, often before you know they exist.

When you arrive for your Eye Examination we shall undertake a pre-screening assessment, including Retinal Imaging, Intra Ocular Pressure Testing and Visual Field Testing.

Our private comprehensive eye examinations, performed by experienced Specialist Optometrists, reflect the high quality of our resources, our investment in the very best optometric technology available and the increased time required for the procedures involved.  

We dedicate a minimum of 45 – 60 minutes for each examination to include Optomap Ultra Widefield Imaging, Spectralis 4D OCT enhanced retinal scanning and dilation (if necessary), threshold fields and anterior eye imaging if appropriate.

The practice is fully air-conditioned and the consulting rooms also have an air replacement system, which completely refreshes the air every 7 minutes, ensuring a comfortable, fresh environment for your visit.